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Very pleased – enough time between briefings to network, work remotely and interview executives”

Editor comment in confidential event evaluation

International Press Conference

Prominent Industry Executives will take the
stage to communicate their vision, insights and
strategic plans at this international press conference. 2013 speakers included top executives from Altera,  SiliconLabs, Tensilica. Mentor Graphics, Exar, Xilinx and more

See Summit2012 Documentary here.

Globalpress Documentary
Watch and learn about SMART PR

Conference Highlights


Vince Hu, VP Corporate Marketing, Altera about Globalpress

  • 70% coverage expected
  • 48 hrs., over 50 articles published

Who is it for?

  • Semiconductor Eco-System
  • PR Executive & Speaking Professionals
  • Top- level Executives Speakers
  • Trade Press APAC & EMEA

Why participate?

  • Press Briefings/1:1 interviews guaranteed
  • 70%+ coverage in Asia and Europe
  • 90% time and budget saving
  • Numerous networking events



Communicate your vision, position your company as cutting edge, look into the industry’s crystal ball and how your company contributes to the ever evolving technology environment. Highest investment with highest ROI

Press Briefings

Choose from 5 daily time slots suiting your executive schedule. This gives the platform to communicate any newsworthy content that will generate coverage. Make a product or strategy announcements in conjunction with the “Technology Showcase”, bring a customer, integrator or show a tear-down…
Make it interesting so editors want to write about it for their readers